Electric underfloor heating and laminate flooring

electric underfloor heating for laminate floors

Electric underfloor heating and laminate flooring

Laminate and vinyl floor finishes are a very popular choice with electric underfloor heating! Due to the increase in popularity of these floor types manufacturers are now acknowledging the suitability of vinyl and laminate flooring with electric underfloor heating systems.

When installing Comfortzone electric underfloor heating the mats must be covered with a layer of self levelling compound to protect the cables and dissipate the heat.

Manufacturers usually recommend that laminate flooring shouldn’t be exposed to temperatures above 27 degrees celcius, however it is always advisable to check the manufacturer’s recommended maximum floor surface temperature to ensure the product is suitable for use with your electric underfloor heating system.

Comfortzone electric underfloor heating is designed to provide a perfect spread of heat when installed under laminate and vinyl floor finishes. Comfortzone underfloor heating mats can be laid on timber and concrete substrates and are designed for fast, easy installation in any room.

Quick and easy installation! The 3.5mm heating cable is pre-spaced on the sticky side of the mesh which helps it adhere to the substrate.

Low build up! Comfortzone electric underfloor heating is just 3.5mm thick. The cable is thin enough for use in refurbishment projects as there is only a very slight build-up in the floor.

Don’t forget! A layer of insulation should always be included to minimise downward heat loss. Our insulation board is 100% water resistant and rot proof, the high thermal efficiency makes it a great insulator to keep you snug and warm. The boards are cement coated to make tiling easy and they can be cut easily, so your tiler or bathroom fitter will love them!

If you have any questions about bringing the benefits of electric underfloor heating in to your home please get in touch!

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