How do I test the resistance of my electric underfloor heating system?

It is important to test your electric underfloor heating three times; before you start the installation, after you’ve finished laying the system and again after you’ve laid the floor finish. This ensures that any damage caused to the heating cable during installation is detected and can be dealt with.

There are 2 tests to perform – Conductor Resistance and Insulation Resistance.

Testing the resistance of the conductors

Use a multi meter (on the relevant Ohms or kOhms setting) to measure the resistance between the two centre cores, live (brown) and neutral (blue).

You should do this test 3 times – 1. Before you lay the mat. 2 – after laying the mat. 3 – after laying your floor finish. This test will detect any damage to the heating cable.

Compare the reading against the resistance recorded for that size mat or cable in the installation manual or on the label on the cold tail. If you need to, you can download the installation manual in the downloads section of our website.

Testing the resistance of the insulation

You also need to test the insulation resistance to earth to ensure total safety. Do this by testing across the live (brown) or neutral (blue) and the earth (yellow/green) lead. You should get an “open circuit” reading on the meter when testing between one or both of the conductors and earth.

All test results should be recorded on the Customer Handover Form included in every box. The installer should complete this form in full to allow the end user to complete the 10 Year Warranty registration online.

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