Insulation for electric underfloor heating

Insulation for electric underfloor heating 

When installing an electric underfloor heating system using insulation board will minimise downward heat loss and maximise the efficiency of your system. Without insulation board heat energy is lost into the substrate before radiating up through the floor into the room. Insulation board reflects heat energy up through the floor resulting in increased efficiency. If your electric underfloor heating system reaches the desired temperature more quickly it does not need to call for heat for such a long time, which has a dramatic effect on your running costs.

Our insulation board is lightweight, and easy to cut with a craft knife, making installation very quick and easy. It is a 100% water and rot proof alternative to ply wood and the coated insulation boards will also add strength and lateral stability to timber floors.

Electric underfloor heating can be used as your primary heat source and can replace central heating systems in well insulated rooms, where at least 80% of the floor can be covered with an underfloor heating system. Our 150W/m2 system is suitable for use a primary heat source in these well insulated applications. We also have a more powerful 200W/m2 system that is ideal for use in areas with a high heat demand, such as older properties with poor insulation or conservatories. The 200W/m2 systems do not get any hotter, but they reach their target temperature faster which helps to combat heat loss.

Benefit from a 50% energy saving by installing a 10mm layer of insulation boards as part of the floor build up. Uncoated boards are suitable for use on concrete substrate.

Our 10mm coated boards provide more efficiency boosting insulation than a 12mm ply board, whilst strengthening timber floors ready for tiling. Available from 6 – 50mm thick.

If you have any questions about bringing the benefits of electric underfloor heating in to your home please get in touch!

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