Increase the efficiency of your UFH system

Electric underfloor heating and insulation baord

When installing Comfortzone electric underfloor heating using insulation board will minimise downward heat loss and maximise the efficiency of your system. Without insulation board heat energy is lost into your substrate before radiating up through the floor into the room. Insulation board reflects heat energy up through the floor resulting in increased efficiency and lower running costs!  Comfortzone insulation board is lightweight and easy to cut with a craft knife, making installation very quick. It is a 100% water and rot proof alternative to ply wood and the coated insulation boards will also add strength and lateral stability to timber floors.

Uncoated Insulation Boards

  • Improves the efficiency of UFH
  • For use on concrete substrates
  • Available in 10mm or 6mm thick
  • Much cheaper than coated boards
  • Easy to cut with a craft knife

Coated Insulation Boards

  • Reduces wasted energy
  • Strengthens and waterproofs floor
  • Use to stabilise wooded substrates
  • Available in a range of thicknesses from 6-50mm
  • Easy to cut with a craft knife


Comfortzone Insulation Board is the best way to boost the efficiency and reduce the heat up time of an electric underfloor heating system. Comfortzone

Insulation Board should be used underneath UFH – not over the top!

Always use a flexible, cement based tile adhesive to adhere Comfortzone insulation boards to the substrate.

If you would like to bring the benefits of electric underfloor heating to your home please contact our team.

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