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The unique benefits of Comfortzone electric underfloor heating

electric underfloor heating

Comfortable even heat A traditional radiator system uses convection to heat a room resulting in a higher temperature at the top of the room and a low temperature at floor level. Overheating the top of the room makes you feel uncomfortable and stuffy while wasting a lot of heat energy. Electric underfloor heating gently warms […]

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Installing Comfortzone electric underfloor heating?

Electric underfloor heating installation!

Here are a few dos and don’ts to remember: DO measure up properly. If there is too much matting or heating cable and you have not cut or damaged it, you can simply exchange it for the correct size heating system, but remember re-seller returns policies can differ. DO make sure that you keep at […]

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Programming your Thermotouch 4.3dC thermostat

The UK’s first dual control thermostat! The Thermotouch 4.3dC is the newest additional to our thermostat range. This unique control is the UK’s first thermostat designed to control your underfloor heating and an additional appliance. The Thermotouch 4.3dC dual control thermostat contains to relays which can independently control your underfloor heating and towel rail or […]

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