Floor Finishes


Simply tile over using a flexible polymer based tile adhesive


Cover Comfortzone with a 10mm layer of self levelling compound before laying your carpet


Spread a 10mm layer of self levelling compound and use a vapour barrier

*Always check with your flooring manufacturer for guidelines on use with electric underfloor heating.



Bring some warmth and comfort to your kitchen floor


Safe for use in bathrooms, showers and wet rooms

Any Room

Use Comfortzone to heat any room in your home

Energy efficient heating
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Matting Systems

What is matting good for?

Comfortzone electric underfloor heating mats can be rolled out to cover your floor in minutes. The pre spaced cables are fixed to a high quality mesh and provide a perfectly even spread of heat under your flooring. Our mats are available in a range of sizes to suit most rooms, and can be used to heat your room or to simply take the chill off your newly tiled floor.
1-24m2 area 100, 150 & 200W/M2 mats

What are the benefits of Matting Systems?

  • Ideal for large regular rooms
  • One fixed price per m2
  • Fully self adhesive mesh
  • Safe & tested beyond 2500v
  • Full technical support
  • Ten year guarantee

Relax. You’re protected by our 10 year guarantee

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Cable Kits

Why use cable kits?

With an electric underfloor heating cable kit, your installer is free to arrange the heating cable in a way that best fits the room. This allows for a customisable heating output and makes it easier to work around fixed sanitary ware and furniture. Cable kits are popular in smaller, more irregular rooms or with experienced contractors that like to adjust the cable spacing.
1-10m2 area Adjustable output per m2

What are the benefits of Cable Kits?

  • Ideal for smaller, irregular room shapes
  • 6 kit sizes available
  • Use multiple kits for larger areas
  • Safety tested beyond 2500V
  • Full technical support
  • Ten year guarantee

Relax. You’re protected by our 10 year guarantee

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Touchscreen 8259

  • Touchscreen display
  • White LED backlight
  • 7 day 6 event program
  • Floor sensor included (3m)
  • 3 year guarantee

Thermotouch 4.3IC

  • 4.3 inch colour touchscreen
  • 5 flexible heating modes
  • 7 day heating program
  • Floor sensor included (3m)
  • 3 year guarantee

Manual 8250

  • Simple on/off control
  • Manual temperature dial
  • LED heating indicator
  • Floor sensor included (3m)
  • 3 year guarantee

Energy Saving

Comfortzone electric underfloor heating can be up to 100% efficient at the point of use meaning all of the heat energy created is radiated up through the floor into your room. Installing insulation boards and creating an automatic heating schedule will help to keep your energy bills to a minimum.


Thinking about your running costs?


Costs less than you think

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Cut your running costs by 50%

Uncoated Insulation

Benefit from a 50% energy saving by installing a 10mm layer of insulation boards as part of the floor build up. Uncoated boards are suitable for use on concrete substrate.

Coated Insulation

Our 10mm coated boards provide more efficiency boosting insulation than a 12mm ply board, whilst strengthening timber floors ready for tiling. Available from 6 – 50mm thick.


Katie Robinson

Full time mum

I wish we’d had Comfortzone installed sooner! It was relatively inexpensive and makes our new kitchen feel so comfortable! We’ve got plans for the bathroom next and we’ll be having Comfortzone in there too.

John Davies

Self employed electrical contractor

Comfortzone is easy to install and the fixed price per square metre makes it easy to quote and supply. All my customers are really happy, which is great for business.