Running Costs

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Cost per day: £0.000

Representative running costs for a 150W/m2 mat or cable system used as a primary heat source in a well-insulated environment.

Area 1m2 2m2 4m2 5m2 10m2 15m2 25m2
1hr 2.1p 4.2p 8.4p 10.5p 21.1p 31.6p 52.7p
2hrs 4.2p 8.4p 17p 21.1p 42.2p 63.2p 105.4p
3hrs 6.3p 12.6p 25.3p 31.6p 63.2p 94.8p 158.1p
4hrs 8.4p 17p 33.7p 42.2p 84.3p 126.5p 210.8p
5hrs 10.5p 21p 42.2p 52.7p 105.4p 158.1p 263.4p
6hrs 12.6p 25.3p 50.6p 63.2p 126.5p 189.7p 316.1p
7hrs 14.8p 29.5p 59p 73.8p 147.5p 221.3p 367p
8hrs 16.9p 33.7p 67.4p 84.3p 168.6p 253p 421.5p

This approximation does not imply any warranty or guarantee of energy consumption and/or electricity costs.

The following reasonable assumptions have been made to calculate these approximate daily running costs:

  • System is installed as a primary heat source in a well-insulated dwelling, built to current Part L regulations.

  • 150W/m2 system under a 10mm ceramic tile on 10mm Insulation Board

  • Energy price of 14.05p/kWh (average UK price at time of printing)

  • The system is controlled by an intelligent programmable thermostat with floor sensor

  • Floor temperatures set at 24 degrees Celsius.

PLEASE NOTE: This information is © Comfort Zone Underfloor Heating and should not be distributed or replicated without written consent. Actual running costs will vary depending on individual electricity tariffs, specific installation parameters, the level of insulation and heat loss factors of the specific building.

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